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ABOUT THE ARTIST Cindy Press specializes in creating cinematic oil paintings celebrating women by exploring the connection between fashion and our personal identity. Previously only available at fine art galleries, some of Press’s favorites are now reproduced using a special printing process, transforming her canvas to fabric producing her first wearable artwork series. Being a Fashion Illustration major at Moore College of Art And Design in Philadelphia prepared Press for decades of success in the fashion design world before coming back to her passion for painting. C.Press Studio takes the brand full circle combining Cindy Press’s fashion and fine art expertise. “Clothes are a personal decision and what we choose to wear is the way we express ourselves”. C.Press Studio is a brand that exudes a spontaneous spirit and redefines the boundaries of the painted image and the basic tee, empowering self-expression in women everywhere. Cindy’s work has been exhibited worldwide, is in private and public collections around the globe in major hubs such as New York, Los Angeles, Miami, London, Sydney, Dubai and Hong Kong and now on your favorite tee!

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